Smudging has grown immensely in popularity as more and more people are discovering the tremendous benefits.

Smudging purifies spaces, areas, people and objects of negative or stagnant energy. Smudging is also for horses to drive away biting insects!

Sage is most common to remove negative energy and purification, though there are many other blends that accomplish the same goal. An example is our Native Smudge Incense. Sage can also help connect to the healing powers of Mother Earth.

Sweetgrass in either braid or incense form calls in positive energy and enhance spirituality. Sweetgrass is native to much of northern Eurasia and North America and can grow as far north as the Arctic Circle. Sweetgrass was originally used by indigenous peoples who regarded it as a sacred form of medicine and predominantly used for healing. Sweetgrass is commonly mixed with sage during morning blessing ceremonies performed by many indigenous peoples.

Palo Santo (pronounced pal-oh san-toh) is another smudge wood that is regarded as sacred especially in South America where it is grown. Palo Santo has a fresh smell with hints of mint and citrus, considered one of the most fragrant woods in the world. Using Palo Santo as a smudge, it promotes spiritual healing, purification and energy cleansing. It is a great tool to use in meditation as well, as it helps to raise your vibration allowing for a deeper connection to the earth and the Divine Source/Spirit.

These are just a few examples of smudge types, there are many many more. You are not limited to purification either. Many incenses and loose herbs can be used for a variety of reasons such as love, prosperity, sleep, calming and soothing and protection. There are almost limitless options.

You do need to be careful when burning herbs as you experiment, as not all are safe to inhale when lit. All of the Smudging herbs and incenses we carry at Esoteria are perfectly safe to inhale (though the smoke is not recommended for people with breathing problems). A substitute for smudging with smoke are to use smudging sprays. We proudly carry All Charmed hand-made smudge sprays. These unique sprays are crystal infused for an extra boost.

There are many tools to enhance your smudging practice including smudge feathers. Esoteria’s beautiful smudge feathers are hand-made in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory according to tradition of the Mohawk people. The come in a variety of colors and help you to direct the smudge smoke making your efforts much more effective. Smudge feathers allow you to get into all the nooks and crannies of your space as well, and are extremely helpful when smudging people.

Abalone shells are the perfect vessel for holding burning loose sage and/or sweetgrass. Not only are abalone shells gorgeous but they are a safe way to burn loose herbs. They are a stunning addition to your home décor when not in use. They are also portable, so moving them from room to room or place to place is easy.