Mercury in Retrograde How Does This Affect Us?

15 Mar

Mercury in Retrograde How Does This Affect Us?

The planet Mercury rules all things related to communication, intellect, awareness, logic and reasoning and the way in which we express ourselves. So how does Mercury’s influence affect these aspects of our lives? Simply put, Mercury is a high energy, fast acting force that pushes us into motion. Mercury’s influence can make us restless both physically and psychologically.

Mercury’s energy also rules travel. Our daily commutes, visits to friends and family and even short trips out of town.

Tapping into Mercury’s fast pace energy can be just what you need to get things done, have your voice heard, keep a clear mind and be creative.

But what happens when Mercury is in retrograde and what does that mean?

When a planet goes into retrograde, it is has the appearance of moving backward. Because of this, the energy of Mercury can have us pushed backward as well.

Travel can become unreliable, tempers are short and our thought processes aren’t optimal, leading to arguments, miscommunications, bad business deals and failed project plans and delays in travel.

Things to avoid during Mercury retrograde: signing contracts, making final decisions on projects and engaging in public speaking. Remember travel is affected at this time too, so expect delays and even cancellations.

So when is Mercury in retrograde and how do you survive?

Mercury is in retrograde for 2019 from March 5-28, July 8 to August 1 and October 31st to November 20th.

Focus on the positive. Look at your life as it stands right now and make some time for self reflection. You can review projects, business deals and collaborations as well as goals both professionally and personally. Just remember reflection not correction!

Helpful assists for Mercury retrograde survival:

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Choose an essential oil or essential oil blend that fits comforts your senses.

Choose from many other products to keep you balanced and grounded.

“This too shall pass.”


Lady Black