We are very proud to carry Karooch Essential Oils. We love the quality of these oils! We have a selection of the most popular to choose from in store and a catalogue of dozens more to choose from. We can order in any oil for you from the catalogue that isn’t in store. Best of all you can order any oil in almost every size available. With organic versions of most oils you have tons of options.

We have beautiful carrier oils that you can use with our essential oils. Sweet Almond Oil is perfect for any skin type and has no strong smell, making it the perfect oil to mix with. You can use it on your face without worrying about clogged pores.

Fractionated Coconut Oil is a great alternative to plain coconut oil as it stays liquid at room temperature. Another great carrier for any essential oil.

Glass atomizers are here too. We have 2 sizes of glass atomizers available so you can mix up whatever concoctions you love and store them safely.

We have oil warmers and great books to add to your aromatherapy practice.

An additional note on essential oils: our body lotions are packaged in PET plastic bottles allowing you to use our Fragrance Free version to create your own custom lotions with essential oil. PET plastic is the only plastic that is safe for use with essential oils.