Esoteria has amazing hand-made bath and body products. Each product is lovingly made by us for you. Our products range from Dead Sea Bath Salts to honey soap and lotions in our 4 signature scents plus a fragrance free option. All-natural massage oils are here to help you relax nurture your spirit.

We are currently working on a foot care range using 100% essential oils that will arrive just in time for pedicure season!

We have a few words from one of our users: Kat from Peterborough says:

The honey soap has a subtle scent and lathers nicely. It soothes dry and irritated skin especially in winter. It is long lasting and doesn’t melt in the shower! The Dead Sea Bath Salts are very soothing. I’ve tried several different scents and I like them all. You can use even less product than they suggest! The body lotion is very nice and not greasy. It just soaks right into your skin. Lovely.