10 Days of Essential Oils Day 7: Orange

13 Apr

10 Days of Essential Oils Day 7: Orange

For 10 days we are highlighting the top 10 most popular Essential Oils and their most common, everyday uses. We always stock these top 10 picks but there are so many more available!!

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Day 7: Orange

If you love the smell and taste of a freshly peeled orange, you will fall head over heels for Orange essential oil.

With beautifully fragranced white flowers and large round bright orange fruit, the Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) yields Orange essential oil from the fruit, Neroli oil from its flowers and Petitgrain oil from its foliage. The sweet orange tree Citrus sinensis, brings orange oil from its fruit, and every once in awhile is produces an oil called neroli Portugal from its blossoms.

Cold-pressing the whole orange or just its peel produces Orange essential oil. It has a zesty, refreshing, bright smell, that is slightly green and very citrusy of course. Steam distillation of orange peels is another way Orange essential oil is produced.

The orange tree is native to China and India and also grows abundantly in the Americas, Israel, and Mediterranean countries. Brazil, Cyprus, Israel, Mexico, and the United States are the primary sources of Orange essential oil.

When you have the flu you may typically reach for Eucalyptus oil, but did you know that Orange oil can also relieve the discomfort that accompanies the flu. A few drops into a warm bath or diffuser brings comfort from flu symptoms. It is known to help regulate body temperature and can either cool a fever or warm the chills.

Used as a massage oil it can help ease pain in the joints and muscles. 3 Drops into a tablespoon of carrier oil should do the trick.

In skincare, Orange essential oil balances oil levels in the skin. It can promote the production of collagen which helps maintain healthy, youthful skin. It can also reduce puffiness and wrinkles. Stimulating circulation of lymphatic fluids, Orange essential oil helps release toxins, and reduce fluid retention. For these reasons it is often included in topical treatments for cellulite.

Emotionally, Orange essential oil balances by either stimulating or relaxing as needed. It can also have a great effect of energizing and can even counteract boredom and lethargy. It calms the nerves and helps ease anxiety, hysteria and even insomnia. It reduces depression, tension and stress. It is known to help those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) when used in the winter. You can diffuse a few drops into the air or wear a drop or two in diffuser jewelry.

Some claim that Orange essential oil can also have a positive effect on creativity, harmony, and self-awareness.

As with all of the citrus oils, remember not to wear it out in the sun. Doing so can cause hyper pigmentation and sunburn as citrus oils are photosensitive.

The suggestions here are in no way meant to replace medical treatment. If you are having any medical issues whatsoever, you should speak with a Doctor or other licensed medical practitioner. Speak to a Doctor or licensed medical practitioner before beginning any essential oil treatments or therapy.