10 Days of Essential Oils Day 6: Mint

12 Apr

10 Days of Essential Oils Day 6: Mint

For 10 days we are highlighting the top 10 most popular Essential Oils and their most common, everyday uses. We always stock these top 10 picks but there are so many more available!!

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Day 6: Mint/Peppermint

Think about all the ways mint’s freshness impacts your life. From the moment you brush your teeth in the morning, to the steaming hot mug of minty tea in the afternoon, to the foot cream you apply after a long day, ending with brushing your teeth before bed. In all of our daily cycles, mint plays one role or another. Even that acetaminophen you take for a headache is linked to the mint plant. After all, that is where acetaminophen originally came from.

The peppermint plant bears tiny purple, pink or white flowers. Grown commercially in Australia, Brazil, China, England, France, Japan, Morocco, Spain and the U.S. peppermint oil is extracted through steam distillation. There were once many different species of mint, though that number has been drastically reduced due to hybridization. Peppermint oil has a strong, sharp, menthol aroma that is also pungent and strong.

Peppermint is known to treat headaches, muscle aches, heartburn, abdominal bloating, and sluggish digestion. You can dilute 3 drops into 1 tablespoon carrier oil and massage onto the temples, muscles, and abdomen to help treat these conditions. As an anti-inflammatory it is helpful to treat pain when massaged onto the affected areas. Use the same dilution as above.

Diffused into the air, Mint essential oil counteracts fatigue. It promotes clear thinking and is energizing. It can also help clear the sinuses. Breathing it from the bottle is a helpful remedy for motion sickness.

Applied diluted to the back of the neck it can also help counteract hot flashes.

Mint essential oil can also help reduce acne, as it is antibacterial as well as controlling excess oil.

Thinking of the cooling effects of Mint essential oil, you can also use it to “cool” emotions such as anger, hysteria and nervousness. It can help improve mental fatigue and bring clarity to the mind. Some say it even helps with self-confidence.

As always the suggestions here are in no way meant to replace medical treatment. If you are having any medical issues whatsoever, you should speak with a Doctor or other licensed medical practitioner. Speak to a Doctor or licensed medical practitioner before beginning any essential oil treatments or therapy.