10 Days of Essential Oils Bonus Day: Bergamot

17 Apr

10 Days of Essential Oils Bonus Day: Bergamot

For 10 days we have highlighted the top 10 most popular Essential Oils and their most common, everyday uses. We always stock these top 10 picks with the addition of Bergamot to our lineup. There are so many more oils available though.  Click Here to see our complete Essential Oil Catalogue.

We have added a bonus day for you so we can discuss one of our family favourites: Bergamot Essential Oil.

With pear-shaped, yellow fruit, smaller than an orange, the bergamot tree can reach a height of 16 feet. The fruit was once called “The Bergamot Pear”. It is a result of cross-breeding the lemon tree and the bitter orange tree. These hybrids are Citrus bergonia and Citrus aurantium with the subspecies bergamia.

Bergamot originated in tropical Asia. Today it grows in the Ivory Coast in Africa, in the Calabria region of Italy and also in Sicily.

The essential oil is obtained by pressing or expression of the rind of the sour green fruit and creates a beautiful green oil.

The distinctive flavor of Earl Grey Tea is because of the beautiful Bergamot.

Bergamot is another essential oil that has strong anti-septic properties. It helps to alleviate respiratory problems, cool fevers, and reduces symptoms of colds and flu. It also acts a digestive aid and can calm stomach cramps. To use topically, you can dilute 2-3 drops into a tablespoon of carrier oil. To use for respiratory ailments, you can diffuse a few drops into the air with a vaporizer, or use in a room spray.

Bergamot is very good for treating chronic fatigue syndrome, and to restore physical and emotional strength. It is an uplifting oil and is an effective anti-depressant. You can wear a drop or two as a personal fragrance or in diffuser jewelry to achieve all day benefits. It is great to use during times of severe emotional distress. As an alternative to Lavender essential oil, Bergamot can help treat insomnia.

As with the other citrus oils, do not wear in the sun. Doing so will cause hyper-pigmentation and can increase severity of sunburn.

The suggestions here are in no way meant to replace medical treatment. If you are having any medical issues whatsoever, you should speak with a Doctor or other licensed medical practitioner. Speak to a Doctor or licensed medical practitioner before beginning any essential oil treatments or therapy.